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Flavor production, packaging and distribution.

We produce and package flavoring liquids with pharmaceutical and/or food graded substances.

E-liquids molecola ToBe Pharma

ToBe Pharma is a company that qualifies in the flavor production and packaging. It boasts more of 5000mq of laboratories and offices and a production capacity to be able to address market’s every need and to guarantee quick and reliable delivery time.

Our strength is in the resilience and in the perseverance.
As the roots of a tree are well entrenched into the ground  but always reached to growth and life.


Our main market is the production of concentrated flavours  and pharmaceutical substances for several industry sectors: cosmetic, perfumery, wellness, vaporizers and room perfumers, agricolture, olistic and aroma therapy.

Our products are made in Italy with high quality  raw material in accordance with Regulation  CE 1272/2008 del 16.02.2008.

Tobe Pharma covers a full range of flavours that can be blended in different concentrations to obtain complex mix and original taste. Our products respect the highest standards of safety and quality.

It is possible to choose from a wide range of bottles that would bring from 10 ml to 1000ml, boxed and unboxed.

ToBe Pharma is the owner of the brand:

For further information please visit our website at:


Do you want create your personal flavor line?

ToBe Pharma can you offer:

  1. Commercial consultancy/ strategic advice

  2. Design, logo, brand and image

  3. Creation, planning and printing of labels and custom boxes

  4. Choise of bottle more suitable to your needs

  5. Production, packaging and logistic

  6. Advice on legislation and registration

  7. Creation of catalogues, web site, promotional material


With ToBe Pharma you know you can count on great commercial network that guarantees a nation and European wide diffusion. To choose ToBe Pharma means to be accompanied and helped not only in the production but also in the selling.

We create your web site, we help you in the advertising, we take care of your brand in order to increasing its  spread and popularity.

Ingresso azienda To Be Pharma

For Us the Customer is not a number


We are used to have, with the customers,  a strong relationship of trust and cooperation. We never begin a new relationship with people we don’t know or people who don’t know us. It is essential for us to meet in person and look at each other.

Successful brand and initiatives that we created are always originated from a close and good cooperation. We invite our customer to visit our factory, every actor involved in a project must be aware of the resources and possibility of the team.

Coordination and communications are key words for the team’s success.

Attenzione al cliente
Flessibilità e disponibilità

Flexibility and availability



Although great and established company we don’t never forget our roots.

We continue to manage the business in pursuit our passions and we are used to give full to solve any problem and unplanned.

For all these reasons in ToBe Pharma you can find a friendly atmosphere and availability that rarely it is possible to find in big multinational companies.

Affidabilità To Be Pharma


“every job is a self-portrait who does it...

sign your work with the quality".


To Be Pharma S.r.l.:

Via Vibrata 127, 64016, S.Egidio alla Vibrata (TE) - Italy

P.I. 01983230671

Tel.: +39.0861.1723024

For Our e-liquids Brand please visit:



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